The best parks in Paris

You might be disappointed by the lack of greenery when you first arrive in Paris. Although there are many cute little “squares”, there isn’t much space to walk around nature.

Bois de Boulogne or Bois de Vincennes ?

The good news for those who stay around Boulogne, the 16th or on the east side near Daumesnil is that they will be close to the huge Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes.

bois de vincennes


Both places are ideal to go for a walk, run, ride your bike, walk your dog or even enjoy the scenery when renting a boat on the Daumesnil lake or by taking the boat to reach the Chalet des Iles on the Boulogne side.

bois de boulogne


The Bois de Vincennes even includes a buddhist temple and a zoo which was recently renovated. The Bois de Boulogne also has a large amusement park, called the “jardin d’acclimatation” to cater for kids.

But if you prefer horse races, both places include racecourses such as Auteuil, Longchamp and Vincennes.

paris racecourse


The majestic Palais Royal and Tuileries gardens

Paris also offers nice parks in the centre. The most famous is the Tuileries by the Louvre but if you are looking for a smaller, quieter alternative, the Palais Royal gardens are worth a visit.

palais royal gardens


You can also wander around the nearby monuments, such as the famous hotel de Sully in the Marais. This private mansion was bought by the duc de Sully, who worked for the King Henry IV, completed the decoration of the hotel and spent his last years there.

hotel de sully paris


Chilling out at Paris Plages

You might also know that every summer, temporary artificial beaches are set up by the Seine. The event is called “Paris Plages” and hosts various activities among sandy beaches and palm trees.

beach paris

The picturesque Buttes Chaumont

The Buttes Chaumont is a nice alternative on the east side of Paris, if you don’t mind hilly parks. Don’t forget to explore the nearby Mouzaïa, a piece of countryside in Paris with its charming villas.

buttes chaumont park

The futuristic Andre-Citroen park

Some other parks are not as well known among tourists but are appreciated by the locals.

The Andre-Citroen park in the 15th by the Seine is one of them. It might look as if there isn’t so much harmony in the way the park is laid out but it does have a nice countryside feel in some parts.

andre citroen park


It also includes two greenhouse pavilions with various exotic plants and a hot-air balloon to get a different view on the surroundings.

If you wander around the park during the summer, you might bump into this cute little and organic ice cream truck.

organic ice cream truck


Once you leave the park, you should have a look on the Mirabeau bridge to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in town, and the always pretty Eiffel tower.

mirabeau bridge

The trendy Berges de Seine

If you keep walking by the Seine on the left bank, you will eventually reach the newly renovated Berges de Seine, which host lots of activities and bars along the side. You can also find several spots to have your own little picnic with friends but be sure to arrive early as it has become very popular.

berges de seine


One good reason to stop by the Seine is also to enjoy that beautiful sunset in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

sunset in paris

There are plenty of other nice parks in Paris, depending on where you are staying. You can easily explore the Montsouris park in the 14th or the Monceau park in the 17th close to the Batignolles.

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