Delicious flammekueche in Strasbourg

Flammekueche might sound like a strange name to you if you have never been to Alsace. You should definitely try it though as it is delicious. It is similar to a pizza as Alsatians use a thin bread dough shaped like a rectangle and covered with crème fraiche, sliced onions and lardons. It is one of the specialties of this region of France, which was largely influenced by German cuisine.

I would highly recommend visiting Alsace right before Christmas since all towns and villages showcase a beautiful Christmas market. You can definitely avoid the crowds and more touristy Christmas market in Strasbourg by visiting Colmar and its surrounding villages like Obernai or Ribeauvillé. Don’t miss the amazing Cathedral in Strasbourg and the flammekueche. You can try this delicious meal at l’Ancienne Douane. It is one of the largest dining spots in Strasbourg. They also offer various Alsatian specialties including a delicious sauerkraut and an Alsatian apple tart.

 flammekueche strasbourgThe address :

6, rue de la Douane, 67000 Strasbourg

Winter is also the best time to enjoy all the Christmas treats such as bredele, hot apple juice with cinnamon and spicy blueberry jam. For a wonderland of sweets, do not forget to stop by Mireille Oster’s shop, where you will find the best gingerbread you have ever tasted with so many different flavours.  Her boutique is located in the heart of la Petite France, the oldest and most charming neighbourhood in Strasbourg.

The address :

14, rue des Dentelles, 67000 Strasbourg




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